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      1. Automation Solutions

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        Automation Solutions

        Our Automation Solutions business enables the greatest use of the world's most valuable resources, ensuring the performance and safety of industries that are the backbone of daily life.

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        Commercial & Residential Solutions

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        Commercial & Residential Solutions

        Our Commercial & Residential Solutions business helps ensure human comfort and health, protect food quality and safety, advance energy efficiency and create sustainable infrastructure.


        Financial & Investor Information

        NYSE: EMR
        52 Week High:$78.38
        52 Week Low:$55.98
        02/03/20204:03 PM
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        Corporate News

        Emerson Named ‘Industrial IoT Company of the Year’ for Third Year in a Row

        Emerson has been named the “Industrial IoT Company of the Year” by IoT Breakthrough for an unprecedented third consecutive year.
        Jan 3, 2020
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        Corporate News

        Emerson in the News: Newsweek Ranks Emerson Among America’s Most Responsible Companies

        Emerson has been named among America’s Most Responsible Companies by Newsweek and research firm Statista. The ranking involved an assessment of America’s largest companies on a variety of environmental, social and corporate governance categories.
        Dec 2, 2019
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        Corporate News

        Emerson Completes Acquisition of Zedi’s Software and Automation Businesses

        Emerson announced it has completed the purchase of Zedi’s software and automation businesses.
        Jul 8, 2019
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